Starboard 150 HP Suzuki cowling-to-conduit connection limits turns to the left

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Starboard 150 HP Suzuki cowling-to-conduit connection limits turns to the left

Postby chuckr2 » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:15 pm

I have a 2005 2670 and recently re-powered the boat with 150 HP Suzuki engines. The power and torque of these engines is impressive and they perform better than the 150 Hp Hondas that I got with the boat when I purchased it in 2012. The boat practically has a hole shot now which is something I never experienced with the Hondas. So I am pleased with the performance of the engines.
However, because these Suzuki engines have the "Selective Rotation" feature which allows them to manufacture one engine that can then be configured to spin the prop clockwise or counter-clockwise at the "flick of a switch" (a little more complicated than that, but all engines look the same), the entry port thru the cowling for the wires, cables and fuel line is always on the starboard side of the cowling. For the starboard engine this places this connection for the conduit to the cowling very close to the part of the hull that extends from the gunnel along the cockpit down to the rub rail at the stern of the boat. It is so close to this part of the hull that it limits how far I can turn the wheel to the left, which turns the front part of the engine/cowling to the right and brings that connection against the hull. With the Honda engines, since there was a dedicated port engine and a dedicated starboard engine, the entry port for the cowling to conduit connection was toward the midline of the boat on each engine and this was never an issue. Last week when I was out fishing, just the third time I have been in the boat since it was re-powered, I turned the wheel too far to the left and it pulled that cowling-conduit connection apart and I could not get it reconnected.

Is anyone else with new Suzuki engines having this problem? One suggested solution has been to grind away a portion of the hull to create more room for the engine to turn. If we do that, I am concerned that we might remove enough material to cut into the hollow portion of the hull at that point. Other solutions?


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