bottom paint on a 2007 GB 2670

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bottom paint on a 2007 GB 2670

Postby puntagorda » Sat Dec 16, 2017 9:05 pm

My 2007 2670 has never had bottom paint, but I am interested in considering it. We live on a canal in SWFL that is shallow. The boat is lift kept and therefore the bottom is pristine. However, due to the shallow canal, it is sometimes impossible to get the boat off the lift at low tides without bottoming out the lift and causing the related problems. We therefore miss many boating opportunities. If our boat had bottom paint I could keep it off the lift during low tides and allow greater access to pleasure boating. I am concerned about (1) the advisability of bottom paint; (2) the cost of doing it; (3) the cost of maintaining it; (4) how often it must be redone; (5) any negative impact on value of the boat; (6) recommendations as to the type of bottom paint to use; and any other thoughts or info that you can share.

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