Soon to be new owner

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Soon to be new owner

Postby mainship400 » Sat Sep 30, 2017 4:53 pm

Hi Newbie here. In the process of purchasing a 2005 2670 with new Yamaha 150s. Cats are new to me although have had several boats over the last 25 years. Hoping for some advice on how to set up the GB.
1) I plan to add bottom paint as it will be in the water 6+ months /year. Any recommendation on the type of barrier coat & bottom paint to specify?
2) May haul between Florida and Washington state, so plan on buying a trailer. Any recommendations on type/make of trailer good for long distance trips? What are advantages of 3 vs 2 axle trailers. Any recommendations on manufacturers?
3) I plan to add Permatrims.
4) any trouble spots to look for during the survey? (coming up soon)
Thanks again for your replies. Look forward to participating in this Forum

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Re: Soon to be new owner

Postby southofblock » Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:29 pm


These GB' are solid though have plenty of quirks. I've had mine for 6 years now, don't think I would look to change unless I won lottery.

Bottom paint, I've used Interlux Micron Extra (been since rebranded) here in New England, no problems. Previous owner did put an Interlux Barrier Coat down, which I haven't recoated. Doesn't take a lot to cover, the wetted hull surface area really not that much.

Have a Float-On trailer, fitted for the GB, have to maintain routinely. Florida to Washington State quite a haul.

Check out your wiring, all of the thru hulls (way too many), the four bilge pumps, condition of forward bilge sump pockets, forward bow hull edge, especially below the water line for repairs or bangs. Lot more here in the forum posts. There is a GB facebook page; the forum here, as you can tell, isn't too active.

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